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David Carroll

David Carroll

President and Principal Consultant

David Carroll’s deep knowledge of audio visual engineering technologies and his passion for creating the best solutions for his customers’ needs has lead to DCA’s reputation for creating the most exacting AV solutions.

Over 35 years in the AV engineering business, David has fine-tuned the “engineering approach” that sets David Carroll Associates apart from “big box stores” and other competitors. David’s passion involves seamlessly applying the best products and technologies to accomplish the client’s goals. The resulting, custom-designed systems are unlike anything available “off the shelf” from retailers.

David’s expertise includes physical layer engineering, plant infrastructure, technical systems and design.

David founded DCA in 1998, with a vision of filling a niche: designing and installing AV solutions faster and with more finesse than much larger competitors. He had already been honing his skills and his vision for several years at David Carroll Electronics, Inc.; during that time, he designed, developed and launched four AV product lines under the Signal Transport trade name.

David started his career as a film post-production engineer in San Francisco, a live sound engineer on major stadium tours and an audio design engineer for several audio manufacturers and sound companies. David was granted an FCC First Class Radiotelephone Operator License at age 19.

A lifelong musician, David continues to perform and record with several bands.