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Stuart A. Rosenthal

Stuart Rosenthal at David Caroll Associates

Account Manager

Stuart Rosenthal is the man who keeps projects on track and clients happy. Trained as a radio producer and a broadcast/recording engineer, Stuart’s work experience spans over 25 years working for regional television and public radio stations as well as the Alaska Public Radio Network, National Public Radio and the McNeil Lehrer News Hour.  Stuart brought a unique perspective with him when he joined DCA in 2005. His production background gives him a special insight into client’s needs, which he then conveys to DCA’s design engineers and the vendors he sources.
Stuart divides his time three ways: purchasing equipment and managing vendor relationships, managing projects and service issues with clients, and sales. All three roles give Stuart the opportunity to underscore DCA’s unique, engineering-focused approach to projects, ensuring that each of our client’s needs is heard and results in the ideal solution. 

Stuart graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in fine arts. He continues to work as an independent recording engineer and producer; his true love is classical music recording, for which he has contributed to numerous Grammy Award nominated productions. When he’s not working, Stuart enjoys bicycling, hiking, swimming, yoga, cooking, and the little-known sport of skijoring – snow skiing behind his dogs when he returns to snow country!