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Berkeley Art Museum / Pacific Film Archive

David Carroll Associates was selected to lead the audiovisual systems Design / Build at the new UC Berkeley, Berkeley Art Museum/Pacific Film Archive.

The crown jewel of the facility is the new PFA theater which integrates the best archival film presentation with modern 4K digital cinema technologies and a new Meyer Acheron sound system. The theater is outfitted for special events and shows integrating live performance to support silent film and other art installation and educational events.

David Carroll Associates will also provide technology solutions including:

  • A secondary smaller digital cinema screening room/classroom
  • Interactive public spaces
  • Digital signage
  • Digital library management

The new facility also features a unique Outdoor Cinema, incorporating a 32’ wide high definition LED screen, helping turn the museum “inside out” with public art installations and special screenings.

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  • BAMPFA Construction Sign

    BAMPFA Construction Sign

    Construction signage announcing the new home of the UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive
  • DCA With BAMPFA Executives

    DCA With BAMPFA Executives

    Left to Right David Carroll, DCA President; Richard Tellinghuisen, BAMPFA CAO; Larry Rinder, BAMPFA Director in front of the newly completed Outdoor LED Cinema
  • Former Home of BAMPFA Theater

    Former Home of BAMPFA Theater

    Old Pacific Film Archive home.
  • Former Projector Booth

    Former Projector Booth

    Old Pacific Film Archive projection booth.
  • Moving Out

    Moving Out

    Packing and moving the old booth.
  • Moving Old Booth DCP

    Moving Old Booth DCP

    Moving the Digital Cinema Projector.
  • A Tight Fit

    A Tight Fit

    Maneuvering the Digital Cinema Projector down a narrow stairwell.
  • Projectors Ready for Transport

    Projectors Ready for Transport

    Former Pacific Film Archive projection equipment prepared for transit.
  • Film Projector Restoration

    Film Projector Restoration

    Dan Eiseman Master Film Projector restoration engineer in his shop.
  • Moving Refurbished 35mm Projector

    Moving Refurbished 35mm Projector

    Preparing to load the refurbished projectors for transit.
  • Preparing 35mm Projectors for Transport

    Preparing 35mm Projectors for Transport

    Secured for transit to their new home after months of restoration work.
  • Delivering Refurbished 35mm Projectors

    Delivering Refurbished 35mm Projectors

    Unloading the refurbished projectors at the new BAMPFA loading dock.
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