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California Pacific Medical Center – Interventional Endoscopy Services

DCA has been a critical partner with the Paul May and Frank Stein Interventional Endoscopy Services (IES) facility at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco in its goal of providing educational opportunities and sharing procedural advancements with the global endoscopy and GI community.

Led by Dr. Kenneth Binmoeller, a forward-thinking, internationally recognized leader in interventional endoscopy diagnosis and treatments, the IES center was not engineered for high-technology AV upgrades when it was built. Therefore, Dr. Binmoeller’s vision of highlighting IES’s procedures via the internet would mean upgrading IES’s technical components in order to support high quality video production in a working medical facility.

Dr. Binmoeller sought to film procedures and provide educational content utilizing IES nurses, staff and equipment, while not interfering with their work. He called on DCA to tightly embed an AV system within the clinical workflow so as not to interfere with day-to-day operations throughout the medical facility.

DCA responded by designing a sophisticated, custom AV solution that has been expanded over time. One unique feature is in-room webcasting, which allows real-time viewing of procedures from the IES procedure rooms via the internet for authorized viewers; content comes directly from instrumentation and endoscopic cameras.

In support of this client’s unique objectives, DCA provides production assistance to IES during special events that feature live, high-definition worldwide broadcasts.

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  • Carefully composed video

    Carefully composed video

    The built-in video production system specified by Dr. Binmoeller and implemented by DCA incorporates an automated crop management system to maximize the pixel space utilization of the HD webcast output, with minimal user intervention, to ensure that high quality, engaging content is delivered to participants world wide. Pictured is Dr. Binmoeller working a case live using the in-suite video production system, live to webcast.
  • Advanced IP video technology

    Advanced IP video technology

    Clinical Video at the IES is transmitted, switched and managed in uncompressed, raw format over a medical grade 10G/b Ethernet solution on optical fiber, for immunity to electrical interference, low latency and flexibility. Seen here are input plates on the wall of the suite, enabling users to plug in to any port, with automatic UI source configuration, management of metadata and instrument personality. Automatic management of sources reduces staff labor and potential for error.
  • Integrated Procedure Room

    Integrated Procedure Room

    Each one of the five treatment rooms have a complete "integrated OR" system, with the ability to control camera, clinical video modalities, and record, broadcast, and collaborate directly via private webcasting for educational purposes.
  • Symposium Production

    Symposium Production

    Several times a year the IES hosts or participates in interventional endoscopy symposia worldwide. This is facilitated by the built-in AV production facility that generates quality video with high production values, without rental or deployment of specialized video systems.
  • Production Control

    Production Control

    There is limited space available for equipment to support advanced productions at the IES. In answer, DCA developed this compact, cart mounted, touchscreen based production controller that also doubles as a multi-room viewer that is used every day. During productions, the touch interface allows clinicians to present the modalities appropriately, previewing sources and allowing direct control of cameras, cropping, and video layouts.
  • Typical Room Camera

    Typical Room Camera

    All treatment rooms are fitted with two HD robotic cameras to provide establishing shots and operational details for the remote viewers. Room sources also include endoscopic cameras, EUS, Fluoroscopy, and ultrasound modalities.
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