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LinkedIn Media Production Network

In 2015, Linkedin, the world’s largest professional network, established a mandate to develop a media production network commensurate with the company’s scope and vision. Gary Schneider, Manager of Broadcast Systems Engineering for Linkedin Media Productions, had a vision of how to do this, and came to DCA with a unique challenge.

First, systems should use standards-based IP transport to ensure longevity and to allow multi-vendor participation. Second, the production values should be commensurate with broadcast quality. Finally, a tight partnership with Linkedin’s WAN group was necessary to leverage the growing global corporate network for production purposes.

This pointed to SMPTE standards, and the latest generation of broadcast video over IP technology from Grass Valley, a Belden brand. Challenge number one: these products were in pre-release at the time the project started, and adopting them would require a flexible architecture to allow rolling design changes as the technology evolved. Challenge number two: the rollout of new spaces was on a tight timeline and could not wait for new technology.

DCA met the challenge by assembling a purpose-built team to approach the project from multiple angles: facility requirements, IP media networking, internetworking for multi-site operations, broadcast video engineering, audio engineering, and project management.

The first facility to be built, in downtown San Francisco, was an All-Hands production space with an associated control room. This would serve as the primary central production control until the Sunnyvale Master Control facility could be rolled out, approximately one year later. The LMP network consists now of four facilities in the Bay Area, including one studio/edit center, three All-Hands meeting spaces, two with central, networked production control rooms.

Linkedin Media Productions is on the leading edge of broadcast/AV technologies with their new capabilities and DCA is proud to be their technology integrator.

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  • San Francisco All Hands

    San Francisco All Hands

    Centered on Planar Clarity Matrix video wall, this multipurpose space serves as the hub for All Hands meetings at the LinkedIn Tower in San Francisco as well as a studio for outward-facing content such as workshops and panels. Five Grass Valley Worldcam cameras on Telemetrics PTZ heads capture the action. Audio is by Shure and Renkus-Heinz.  

  • San Francisco Production Control

    San Francisco Production Control

    This nine-seat broadcast-style control room enables sophisticated production operations, bringing sources from the adjacent All Hands, back haul from remotes, and other LinkedIn studios. Grass Valley Karrera 2ME switcher, KMX multiviewer, GV Node router and NV9000 control system are the backbone. Yamaha audio, Reidel intercom, and Adder KVM over IP.  

  • Pre-production of a Production System

    Pre-production of a Production System

    Equipment racks from one site are shown in our pre-staging lab. Each site system was pre-wired, configured and tested off-site, minimizing time required on site after delivery of completed systems.  DCA pre-builds field cable pull groups also, speeding on site installation. 

  • Old School Meets New School

    Old School Meets New School

    The 10-lane freeway merge of traditional SDI video with IP is here at the GV Node, where 384 SDI I/O’s (grey wires) becomes 960GB of IP traffic (yellow fibers).  DCA designed, supplied and integrated the converged media and studio networks, with a combination of Cisco and Arista solutions.  

  • All Hands Again

    All Hands Again

    The second All Hands, in Sunnyvale, is a little larger than San Francisco, and has a seamless 1.6mm LED video wall with better than 4:1 viewing ratio. The LED screen, designed, supplied and installed by DCA, has greater than 1080P resolution, and is supported by a TV-One Coriomaster processor, enabling video backgrounds and full-screen shows in native pixel resolution for a high impact in-room experience.  

  • Robotic Cameras for Action

    Robotic Cameras for Action

    The largest All Hands to date (#3), this one features a Telemetrics motorized camera track and televator for dynamic, moving shots to help focus the viewer’s interest. DCA helped design and coordinate with the construction team to ensure this interesting feature would fit into a building which was already well on the way to completion.  

  • Edit Room

    Edit Room

    One of four Edit / Showcase rooms at the Pastoria Studio facility. Each workstation is  SAN connected, and may be endpoints on the router for live production assistance. Showcase room shown has 4K monitoring for executive briefing and production. 

  • Studio


    The stage at the Pastoria production facility hosts regular LinkedIn news segments, interviews, and product announcements. Three Sony F7 camera packages were supplied by DCA and enable full live production using the adjacent production control, or may be captured locally or into the SAN. 

  • Direct-view LED Displays

    Direct-view LED Displays

    All-Hands rooms feature huge, high definition direct view LED screens, designed and built by DCA. This screen, at the flagship room in Sunnyvale, features two massive side screens at better than 1080P resolution and 4:1 viewing ratio at the back of the room. A “bridge” over the top of the stage serves as an area for IMAG and allows creative layouts for “Brady Bunch” layouts during global meetings.  

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