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St. Columba Catholic Church

This is our second successful Catholic Church sound system project. Located in Oakland CA, St. Columba is a diverse and progressive church co-led by an Irish and a Ghanan priest. Naturally speech and music are very important in this very acoustically challenging space with over three seconds of reverberation.  DCA specified the all digital, electronically steerable Iconyx array from Renkus Heinz and complimented it with a custom engineered Peavey MediaMatrix processor. The intention is to provide excellent quality reinforcement in the seating areas, avoiding “splash” upwards onto the wall and ceiling, to improve intelligibility.

DCA’s dual mode user interface design proves to be very appropriate in this application. A simple preset button panel enables the priest to operate the system with full automation for typical weekly masses. However when a special event comes up, the advanced touch panel can be brought out to provide sophisticated audio control – the results of which can be saved back into the presets for further use, without needing the advanced touch panel.

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  • Direction


    The new digitally steerable arrays are visually unobtrusive and blend in easily. The system implements "virtual beams" that direct the sound down onto the seating areas, and keep sound away from the walls and ceiling. This improves direct/reflected sound ratio and effectively reduces the amount of reverberation heard. Intelligibility is vastly improved over a traditional speaker system. Parishioners are loving it!
  • Simplicity


    The “Simple” user interface allows the system to be turned on and used with only one button press. Advanced digital signal processing automates the microphone mixing and other settings for hands-free operation during regular masses. Lack of physical controls prevents casual users from "getting into trouble".
  • Control


    When the event is particularly important and an audio operator is available, the advanced touch screen user interface exposes a traditional mixer-like panel, but with simplified control for only what is required – and enables presets to be saved that can then be used through the simple user interface, with the touch screen safely locked up.
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