Strictly Custom

David Carroll Associates excels at pushing past the ordinary to develop made-to-order solutions for our customers.

This often involves fabricating custom cabinetry, consoles and other furniture, electrical systems or mechanical fabrications for something that’s not commercially available.

Designing, building and installing custom solutions has taken DCA from coast to coast – from the US Senate and Hollywood’s premier studios to surgical suites and the high-tech labs of higher learning. Whereas many systems integrators eschew such complicated, custom projects, DCA relishes complex installations and has built a reputation on creating high-end solutions for the most exacting clients.

As an example, at left is shown a custom power supply unit designed to deliver 100V phantom power over an AES/EBU pair to a remote desk unit at the US Senate in Washington DC, where the David Carroll team integrated the first large scale digital audio sound system, the birthplace of the MediaMatrix, in 1992.

Free Guide

AV projects can be large and complex, making comparison of different proposals a difficult task. Our free guide, The Savvy Buyer’s Guide to Selecting a Winning AV Project Proposal, helps make this process easier. Request your free copy today.