Our Team

David Carroll Founder and President David believes in the enduring value of craftsmanship. He is driven by a commitment to the development of a holistic structure of innovation, organization, and service. Surviving his first entrepreneurial venture at the age of 11 (wiring a lightbulb at his uncle’s house) sparked a lifetime zeal for making things work. David’s infectious passion for problem solving attracts innovative people who form the core team at DCA, delivering solutions to a wide breadth of clients, from enterprise AV to post production, recording studios, television, government, medical, and education. With over 40 years in the AV industry, David has become a proven expert in IP networking, facility design and space planning, systems engineering, and digital audio and video technologies. David loves spending time with his family at the beach or hiking in the mountains, and plays in a rock band.
Stuart Rosenthal Sr. Account Manager Stuart Rosenthal is the man! He is passionate about understanding his clients’ needs and crafting solutions to help them succeed. His extensive production background gives him special insight into your needs, which he conveys to the project fulfillment team. Stuart attended the University of New Mexico, College of Fine Arts. He has over 25 years of facility design and operations experience at regional television and public radio stations including the Alaska Public Radio Network, National Public Radio and the McNeil Lehrer News Hour. He continues to work as an independent recording engineer and producer with a specialty in classical music recording, for which he has contributed to numerous Grammy Award nominated productions. When not working, Stuart enjoys bicycling, hiking, swimming, yoga, cooking, and the little-known sport of skijoring – snow skiing behind his dogs when he returns to snow country!
Michael Capristo Business Manager Michael creates and maintains standards at DCA based on his commitment to financial responsibility and process integrity. He succeeds by fostering collaborative partnerships both internally and externally. He believes that diversity within the company is a core strength. Michael has a passion for entrepreneurship. He held the position of CFO at a specialty contractor, as well as founding his own national retail services chain. As a former business owner, Michael embraces the dynamic growth environment at DCA. Personally, Michael enjoys a large circle of friends in his neighborhood and loves creative endeavors such as stained glass, cooking, reupholstering furniture and creating one of a kind art.      
Maria Viviani Service Manager Maria holds the integrity of DCA’s client relationships as her top priority, and is driven to keep your systems humming! She has an enduring, can-do attitude that positively impacts every situation. She has valuable expertise in engineering support for video production and post production, and has operated her own IT support service. Her field experience gives her an awareness of how to perform under pressure, and enables her to prioritize an action plan for maximum results. When she is not solving problems, Maria lives on a farm, where she gardens and enjoys her family and animal friends.                        
John L. Brenneis, CTS-D, ISF-C Lead Design Engineer John brings broad industry knowledge and technical design chops to each project, and is committed to optimizing designs to fulfill his clients’ vision. He digs deep into clients’ requirements so he knows exactly what they expect a system to accomplish. Prior to joining DCA, John was an engineer at Lucasfilm, where he was integrally involved in the installation of dubbing stages, screening rooms and a recording studio at the Skywalker Ranch Technical Building. His work at Lucasfilm gave him a wide range of experience in AV infrastructure and data network implementation. When not working, he mixes live sound, plays piano in a band with David Carroll and SCUBA dives when time allows.
Michele French Senior Systems Engineer Michele brings over 20 years of experience in the broadcast industry, having held technical positions at GWSC (CBS) in Stamford CT, Snell & Wilcox, Wohler, Ceitronics, KOFY-TV20, and SFSU. Her recent projects include San Francisco City Hall, Stanford University, Brocade, Qualcomm, Schwab, Walmart, SF Jazz Center, SFMOMA, San Jose Convention Center, and many others. She has also run her own independent AV CAD services consultancy.
Kevin Gross Media Network Architect As our lead media network engineer, Kevin brings deep knowledge and expertise in the latest developments in AV over IP technology to the DCA team. He is a recognised expert at the intersection of real-time media and networking. Kevin has worked in multiple standards bodies including IEEE where he participated in AVB development, IETF where he has authored several RFCs, and AES where he lead the group that produced the AES67 standard. Kevin conceived and developed CobraNet, helped build the first configurable audio DSP system and develop early DAW products. He has had a hand in the systems and network design in many projects utilizing CobraNet such as, Wembly stadium, The U.S. Senate, the 2000 Olympics in Sydney and theme parks such as Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Tokyo DisneySea. Kevin holds several patents, has written papers and articles and presented on numerous AV networking topics. In 2006 he was awarded an AES fellowship for his contributions to digital audio networking. Before audio networking, Kevin worked at WaveFrame Corp. and helped develop an Oscar award-winning digital audio recording and editing system and at Peak Audio, Inc. developing and managing early deployments of Peavey’s MediaMatrix digital signal processing system. For more details, please visit Kevin’s LinkedIn profile.
Jim Oster Broadcast Systems Design Engineer Jim Oster has more than 40 years of experience in the broadcast television and post-production industry. His responsibilities at DCA include broadcast systems design and commissioning. Mr. Oster produces professional designs and systems engineering support required to take a turnkey broadcast/media/AV system project from inception to completion. He has experience using AutoCAD and cable database programs to design video, audio, control, LAN and communications systems. Prior to joining DCA, Mr. Oster was Sr Managing Engineer for CEI, Managing Engineer for CBS Television in NY including responsibility for the new CBS This Morning show. Previously, he was Chief Engineer for corporate AV Systems Integrator Media Vision Integration, Senior Video Engineer for MSNBC Interactive, Director of Engineering and Operations for KDNL-TV, Senior Systems Engineer for Sony Systems Integration and a Sergeant in the U.S. Air Force as a Special Electronics Technician. Mr. Oster was awarded a Sports Technical Emmy for his work on the 1996 Summer Olympics for NBC Television. Education, Training, and Associations:
  • Society of Broadcast Engineers, CBT, CBNT Certification and Senior Member
  • SMPTE member
  • InfoComm member
Dennis Fortin Systems Engineer / Programmer One of the firm’s key engineers and programmers, Dennis Fortin brings more than 20 years of programming experience to the DCA team. Dennis works as a software design engineer, working to make sure that the vision our customers give us becomes reality. Dennis joined DCA in 2005, where he took on a key role in completing a large project for Ball State University’s Music Instruction Building. Since then, he has undertaken AV control systems programming, user interface design, documentation, auditing, Windows and Linux applications and QA testing for our clients. Dennis received degrees in computer science from California State University – Hayward and in industrial technology from Fullerton Community College. He also plays guitar in three jazz groups, teaches music at the Cazadero Performing Arts summer camp and enjoys photography and home studio audio recording.                
Delia Carroll Treasurer Delia is committed to maintaining the spirit of collaboration among employees, suppliers, and clients. As a founding partner, she continues to be instrumental in cultivating DCA’s core values of fairness and integrity. She received her degree in management accounting from the College of Marin and her Permaculture Design Certificate from Occidental Art & Ecology Center. Her background in these areas has provided her the context for understanding how to grow a financially sustainable and ethically conscious organization. Delia enjoys playing in her garden, hiking with the family dogs and participating in local community.